Organic Castor Oil Abdominal Treatment  (Approx 90 minutes – £75).

Topical Castor oil abdominal packs can help detoxify the liver naturally, support uterine and ovarian health, improve lymphatic circulation, and reduce inflammation. Compresses and poultices with Castor oil have been used for thousands of years, in ancient India, Egypt and China to heal the sick.

Scientific studies have shown that Topical Castor oil abdominal pack application can increase lymphatic activity and t-cell production, support normal bowel activity, improve gallbladder functioning, help normal liver and intestinal functions & detoxification, improve normal urinary tract function, encourage the body’s ability to break down scar tissue, soothe menstrual cramps, ovarian and uterine discomforts, increase healthy circulation and encourage the normal relaxation of fascia and release of organ adhesions.

The castor seed plant (Ricinus communis) is native to India. Valued for its ability to support the body in cleansing it is important to ensure that the castor oil used for an abdominal pack is organic.  I use warm bamboo cloths soaked in organic castor oil and apply these to the abdomen. The abdomen is then contained in a body wrap and heat is applied. The abdominal pack needs to be is situ for at least an hour to allow the castor oil to penetrate through your skin to the deeper tissues and organs of the abdomen.

This treatment is most effective after an abdominal sacral massage, lymphatic massage or womb massage. Whilst you are relaxing with your castor oil pack on you may choose from a guided healing visualisation, a mini facial, a nurturing foot and hand massage or a Reiki treatment.

The pack is then removed with rose or orange blossom flower infused steam towels. A warm herbal infusion is offered after your treatment and a gentle reclined pelvic presence movement sequence is recommended to fully ground your soul and integrate fully in your body after a deeply nurturing and relaxing practice.