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Massage in pregnancy helps a woman to relax, supports her body during a period of immense change, and can help to prepare the whole body for birth.

Pregnancy puts strain on the body and massage can help to relieve aches and pains along with other common health problems during pregnancy (insomnia, swollen ankles, constipation, sciatic pain etc). Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by stress levels experienced by the mother, so massage has the additional benefit of an indirect relaxing effect on the baby, as the mother releases oxytoxcin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation.

Massage in pregnancy is centered around your gestation and physiological changes. In the early stages of pregnancy massage may be performed in a supine and/or prone position whereas in later pregnancy side lying or seated positions will be adopted.

Stretches, myofascial release and muscular techniques may be combined with lymphatic drainage techniques to ease tension and to reduce swelling.

Additionally, yogic breathing techniques and relaxations may be used to release physical discomfort and help to promote feelings of wellbeing.

Some women enjoy gentle abdominal massage as it may enhance bonding with the baby, moisturise sore and stretched skin and relax tight abdominal ligaments. Other women prefer to focus upon their own physiological changes and share the intimacy of their growing child with their partners.

I have devised a therapeutic range of hand blended, (organic whenever possible) aromatherapy oil blends suitable for pregnancy which are warmed and used for your treatment.