As a naturopath, I use a variety of natural therapeutic tools and practices which can include the use of nutrition, herbs, Bach flower essences, homeopathy, tissue salts and hydrotherapy in order to treat the whole person. I have a particular affinity with plant (herbal medicine) and Nutrition from both a Western and TCM perspective.

Naturopathic advice is given as a bespoke part of your acupuncture treatment with me and is designed to empower you in your own healing process and journey.

It is possible to request an appointment with me for naturopathic support as a stand alone treatment depending on your individual requirements.

Highly recommended

Nicola’s knowledge of her treatments is second to none. She is able to dissect the information I give her and cross relate it not only to the therapies she offers, but other forms of holistic support that work seamlessly with the work she carries out during treatments – herbs, vitamins, Bach remedies etc.
I am truly grateful to have found Nicola and would highly recommend her

S S, Faversham

Feel positive and chilled!

Wonderful treatment from you. I left the session feeling more positive and chilled than I have in ages.

K R, Faversham