60 minute treatment – £60
75 minute treatment – £70
90 minute treatment – £80
120 minute treatment – £100

Your treatment time is the time allocated on the couch; please allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation, preparation, feedback and rebooking. 

If you wish to book a course of treatments I offer 6 x 60 minute treatments for £300 (1 free treatment) if prepaid and prebooked. 

You will be sent a reminder text 24 hours before your treatment. A 50% fee is charged for all cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 

All major debit and credit cards accepted, cash, Bacs and Paypal. 

Abdominal Sacral Massage Womb massage is a fusion of deep sacral, abdomen and womb massage techniques aiming to address hormonal, reproductive and stress related conditions stored in the pelvis.

This is a non-invasive external massage which helps to release tension found in twisted and contorted connective tissue of the abdomen and lower back, thereby aiding to clear blockages, bloating, toxic build-up, water and waste retention. This improves the flow of blood and oxygen to all the pelvic tissues.

Massage encourages internal abdominal and pelvic organs to re-align relieving a variety of organ displacement symptoms. The symptoms of a displaced uterus can be many such as fibroids, fertility challenges, lower back pain, endometriosis, painful and irregular periods etc. Colon displacement can cause IBS and many digestive issues.

Our gut holds more nerve neurons than our brain and spinal cord, which means unwanted memories will sit and fester, waiting for us to have the courage to release them.

The deep colon massage helps to loosen harden debris (that has been living in your gut for years) and encourages a natural movement and emotional release.

Techniques to release emotional trauma are incorporated and stillness is integral so there are pauses for integration and dialogue.