60 minute treatment – £60
75 minute treatment – £70
90 minute treatment – £80
120 minute treatment – £100

Your treatment time is the time allocated on the couch; please allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation, preparation, feedback and rebooking. 

If you wish to book a course of treatments I offer 6 x 60 minute treatments for £300 (1 free treatment) if prepaid and prebooked. 

You will be sent a reminder text 24 hours before your treatment. A 50% fee is charged for all cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 

All major debit and credit cards accepted, cash, Bacs and Paypal. 

Clinical massage involves a through consultation to understand why musculoskeletal issues have arisen within the body. Some clients respond positively to deep structural and fascial release work; for other a lighter touch is required to help the body to release. Within a clinical massage medical acupuncture, osteopathic articulation, trigger point therapy, acupressure techniques as well as deep tissue and sports massage strokes and stretches may be used during your treatment. Gentle bone realignment (osteopathic articulation) and craniosacral therapy techniques (gentle technique based touch) may also be used depending upon your preference.

As well as extensive practical application I have a developed my appreciation of pathophysiology and the most effective techniques with which to treat musculoskeletal issues having completed many postgraduate massage and clinical courses.

Relaxation Massage

During a relaxing massage treatment I infuse Indian head massage techniques with gentle Thai stretches and rhythmic gentle gliding strokes to release stress in all its forms. Delicious aromatherapy oil blends are used and hot stones may be incorporated to enhance your treatment and nurture the soul.

Massage is the art and expression of therapeutic touch. I will always remember my first real massage experience with gratitude. I felt completely supported – held, nurtured and nourished. I had been unaware of how tight and tense my body was and massage became the catalyst for taking better care of myself.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage in pregnancy helps a woman to relax, supports her body during a period of immense change, and can help to prepare the whole body for birth. Massage in pregnancy is centred around your gestation and physiological changes. In the early stages of pregnancy massage may be performed in a supine and/or prone position whereas in later pregnancy side lying or seated positions will be adopted.

Pregnancy massage can help to relieve aches and pains along with other common health problems during pregnancy (insomnia, swollen ankles, constipation, sciatic pain etc). Massage has the additional benefit of an indirect relaxing effect on the baby, as the mother releases oxytoxcin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation.

I have devised a therapeutic range of hand blended, (organic whenever possible) aromatherapy oil blends suitable for pregnancy  which are warmed and used for your treatment.

Just Amazing!

David and I had had a difficult year and we wondered what to do. Then we heard from a friend about the wonderful skills Natasha has. She is able to ‘know’ which oils (mixed by her) will be the best for each of us to enable us to relax and leave our daily problems outside the door. She also has the ability to listen to us and responds in a caring way which helps us to see a situation in a more positive way. We each have an hour and a half of relaxing massage which eases any muscle ‘knots’ and has a soothing effect, both mentally and physically. When we go back into the outside world we find ourselves feeling almost euphoric. Just amazing!

Daphne and David, Herne Bay

I cannot recommend her enough!

I suffer with stress and anxiety – in part as a result of work. I experienced my first ever massage with Natasha- I almost had to be escorted to the treatment but as soon as we began my consultation I was reassured. Natasha was warm, nurturing and caring. Her massage was so relaxing that I literally felt my stress easing from my body and mind. I continue with monthly treatments and use her blended oils in between. I cannot recommend her enough!

Claire, Deal